Angels vs. Devils

The Battle Begins!

For the past month or so the boys have had a new obsession. They have been creating pictures and stories of Angels vs. Devils. The stories get quite complex and the illustrations are to die for. Gus makes battle scenes on single sheets of paper, while Bryce has created his own book.  He is already planning a sequel, and has his own publishing logo and advertisements for a line of action figures.  I think the stories began with Bryce using Gus as the archenemy, the Devil, until I forbid it.  So then the storyline evolved into a battle between Bryce and his friends fighting Gus’ evil twin, who is the Devil, and so on.  Bryce’s book is very well written. I was very impressed.  They like to work on the stories before bedtime, and can be found frantically trying to finish the latest scene or chapter before Andy sends them upstairs.

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