Christmas Market Shloss Hexenagger

We went to a Christmas market with our German friends, the Kulinnas, on the grounds of a castle about 1.5 hours from our house.  It was very quaint.  The night was cold, but not as cold as it is now, and there was no snow.  If you haven’t been to a German Christmas market, they typically have stands/stalls, like a craft bazaar, all over the place outside.  There are also food and drink stands, the most important being the stands that sell Christmas wine, or Gluehwein, and Kinderpunch.  You can walk around and try roasted chestnuts, Lebkuchen, and all sorts of other tasty delights.  For instance, at the market we visited in Hall, Austria, we ate a dish consisting of sweet fry-bread topped with sauerkraut and in Innsbruck, a steamed sweet dumpling with poppy seeds and vanilla sauce.  I enjoyed this market especially because it is not frequented by tourists. In fact, I didn’t see any Japanese with cameras, and I only overheard a few other Americans.  The market was packed with people, but they were mostly Germans.  It’s getting increasingly harder to  find ‘authentic’ German experiences, especially in areas that have had either a US military presence for over 50 years, or a visit from Rick Steves.   Despite the nice ambiance and nice things to eat, the boys voted regularly throughout the evening that the market was boring and that we should go home.  I think we all would have stayed and enjoyed it better if Andy had not lost his wallet the day before, and so we had little cash on hand (a necessity in German) and no place to get more. We were literally scrounging for loose change, and paid the parking fee with about 20 coins, because that was all we had left at the end of the day.

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