Missionary Moments

Almost every Sunday, Andy takes the missionaries to visit an old lady in our ward who cannot make it to church.  After their visit, he sometimes brings the missionaries over for dinner.   This has proved to be a great opportunity for what I’ll call “missionary moments,” because things like the soon to be described events only occur when the missionaries are over, and I’m not sure why. 

Last month, Gus’ class was planning a trip to the post fire station, after which they would have lunch at the Burger King there.  Of course, the highlight and talk about the field trip only included Burger King.  Gus was very excited and told everyone about his upcoming field trip for at least a week in advance.  The Sunday before the trip, we had the missionaries over.  They must have a small pixy following them around, who puts a magic spell on the boys.  I never know what’s going to happen, but it’s always memorable . (Remember the “baby toilet” discussion?)  So, at the dinner table, Gus tells them about his upcoming trip, and how he hopes he doesn’t get sick, so he can go to school and go on his trip.  Then, immediately after announcing his trip, he excuses himself to the bathroom, which he also announces routinely.  We remind him to wash his hands after he’s done.  Bryce, of course, says, “Yeah, Gus, get sick!  Don’t wash your hands! Then you can’t go to Burger King. Don’t wash your hands!” This was followed by Bryce’s recital of all the jokes he ever knew.

Fast forward…..This past Sunday, one of the elders was telling us about a family from Vietnam, whom they are teaching English.  We inquired about how they had met, and how it came about that they should be teaching English, and the elder recounted the story of how the family was looking for an English tutor, but they were all too expensive, then miraculously they met the missionaries, etc.  At this moment, Gus’ ears perked up.  “An English tutor??  I’m an English Tooter!” he said proudly. I’m so proud, too.

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