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Here are some of the things we’ve been doing since Christmas. Advertisements

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Over the weekend someone slashed the tires on over 45 vehicles in the neighborhood next door. I didn’t notice the flat-tired vehicles while we went for a walk but I did wonder why there were so many tow trucks taking … Continue reading

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A few days ago I had my hair cut. A lot. It took Andy almost one hour to notice. I love that. And speaking of hair…Greta has inherited the cursed forehead cowlick. It is now unmistakably evident on her little, … Continue reading

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Greta doesn’t like when I eat ketchup (anything with tomatoes) or oranges or any other citrus fruit. Blah!  

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Oldie but goodie

This is an “old” picture but I love the expression.

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Three French hens

Today my friend gave me a cool thing….a baby straight jacket.

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Two turtle doves

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