52 Stories Week 11 and 12

#52 Stories

Weeks 11 and 12

Do you like to dabble in lots of different hobbies?

What hobbies, interests, and talents do you have in common with your parents, grandparents, and other ancestors?

I never considered myself to have a hobby. I equated hobbies with things like collecting stamps, and scrapbooking and stuff, and I don’t really like to do those things.  I guess a hobby is something you like to do with your spare time, right?  I think that’s where the problem comes in. Spare time. What’s that?

If I had free time, what would I enjoy doing?  Hmm. I guess I would like to S-l-e-e-p. Can that please be a hobby?  I can for sure tell you what I don’t like to do in my spare time.  But what do I actually end up doing with spare time?  That’s trickier. Usually cooking something, or eating something. Lately, I’ve been reading, but I can’t say that’s my passion or hobby, because generally, I don’t do it much.

I also like to travel, but in addition to free time, travel requires extra money, which is also fleeting. Seeing that I’ve been in our new house for almost 8 months and not once left town, I can’t really consider that a hobby either. Just something I like to think about doing.

I have tried my hand at a lot of different things: sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, scrapbooking, baking, cooking, exercising, music, and more. My grandma taught me how to crochet. A dear friend gave me pointers and encouragement on painting. I taught myself how to knit. My mom taught me a lot about cooking and sewing. My grandma always enjoyed and encouraged us to play the piano and sing at church. My dad and grandpa had loads of books around the house.  My other grandfather was an entrepreneur for many, many varied things. My grandparents were engrossed in family history.  I had lots of good examples in my life. Examples of drive and passion for whatever hobby was before them. I think I just haven’t found that one true thing that lights me on fire, that I would rather stop all other things to pursue. I think that means that I have to keep going, keep trying new things until I find it. Until then, sleep.



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