Power of Community and Rainbow boxes

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3 years ago Beachbody and @autumncalabrese came out with the program 21 Day Fix, which included these ingenious little food containers to easily measure, portion and track your food for ultimate results.  You know you’ve got something good when you see the knock-offs lining the shelves at big box stores. But the fact is, there’s nothing special or magical about these particular containers. I’ve personally seen the off-brand at Walmart, and they look very similar.  Besides, you could easily use plain old measuring cups or other containers, too, so…


QUESTION:  Why have these containers been so successful for Beachbody customers?  What’s making them so popular that Walmart had to go and make a knock-off?


ANSWER: When you get your beautiful rainbow-colored 🌈 containers from Beachbody, you get so much MORE than just the containers with a book of instructions. Just like when you order any exercise program from Beachbody, you get MORE than just what comes in the box. And that’s where the real magic happens.


When you join with Beachbody, you open the door to an entire community of SUPPORT, motivation and advice to help you use those tools (color-coded containers and exercise program) to the fullest potential. With the support of me as your FREE COACH, we can team up to find new ideas and motivation to show up and reach your health and fitness goals.


There’s no magic in the containers. There are no gimmicks.  It’s the PEOPLE that help make the products work.  It’s the PEOPLE who help each other reach success.  It’s the PEOPLE, offering support, accountability and encouragement, that make those rainbow containers more than just pretty plastic.


For so many years I tried to go it alone and repeatedly fell off the wagon. I thought I had to do it alone. I never considered there would be another way.  But there is!! The support of a COMMUNITY is what is missing on those big-box shelves. Community is what I was missing in my journey to wellness:  the support of like-minded people interested in helping me reach my goals, and with Beachbody, I’ve found it. It has helped me stay on the wagon, AND to get back up when I’ve fallen off.
We are starting an accountability and support group next week and we still have a few spots left! If you are looking for support, accountability and a new beginning to a better you, we are here for you!  If you’re interested in learning about clean eating, exercising and fueling your body for better health, comment below and I’ll get you details!

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