#52 Stories Week 10


Week 10

New month, new theme!  This month’s theme is Goals and Achievements.

The question this week is:

What were your favorite hobbies and pastimes in your childhood?”

As a kid, I loved to be outside!  I think riding bikes was my favorite thing. (Nothing like riding a street bike over rough dirt!!)  We used to have a big hill kind of far from our house. My mom didn’t want us to go there because she thought it was too far away on a busier road and therefore dangerous (it was, but as kids we didn’t believe it) but sometimes we would sneak off there and ride up and down.  Sometimes we would ride our bikes on the huge pile of dried horse manure in the pasture behind our house, or through the field dodging prairie dog holes.  We would also go to a place we called the ‘creek,’ which had a huge drainage pipe under the road, and some inclines and dips around a really pathetic stream behind our street. We thought it was the coolest place. There were broken bits of china and metal scraps in the dirt, and all kinds of probably garbage, but we thought it was treasure. We even caught turtles and crayfish there, and somehow carried them all the way back home.

Sometimes I would invent an obstacle course in our back yard and vault over things using a long PVC pipe as a pole. I also set up agility courses for my dog, Fuzzy.


He wasn’t very agile, but he was compliant, and I felt so proud that I could lead him around.  I also loved feeding the horses and cows that were our neighbors.  There was an old tractor in the field with the cows, and my brother and I would try to sneak into the field and make it all the way to the tractor before the bull would notice. We weren’t supposed to go there. And we weren’t supposed to feed the horses.  Our old neighbor would always lecture us about feeding horses too much grass and horror stories of them getting bloated and the aftermath treatment.  She loved to tell us horror stories.

As a kid I also loved to climb trees. We had a tree house that my dad built for us, but I also liked to scale the big trees we had around our house with really high branches, (or climb on the roof of our shed, or our house which were other forbidden activities).  I have lots of scars on my legs and elbows from those trees, and bike accidents, too. Our road was dirt, and we loved to ride over the deep ruts, seeing who could go over the most, or survive the longest bumping up and down. Sometimes we went further than our bikes.  I loved being outside so much that when I was a teenager, I moved outside and slept in a tent all summer long.

It’s funny to think about this, because now, as an adult, I don’t really like being outside much. I’d rather stay inside. I’d rather never camp in a tent, ever. I don’t know how I survived an entire summer in one.  I don’t ride a bike much, though I still enjoy it on occasion. And, I don’t think I could climb a tree if I wanted to, which I don’t want.  It’s funny how life is so carefree and you feel invincible when you’re younger. Who cares about huge scars on your knees or elbows?  But now, I wince at the appearance of just a wrinkle or grey hair, and I try to prevent my own children from doing dangerous things, like jumping on the sofa. Heaven forbid I let them ride a bike a mile away to a drainage culvert to pull garbage out of the mud.

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