#52 Stories Week 8


Week 8

Who was your first best friend?

I was a very shy child. It was kind of a struggle to make friends.  Luckily, as a child I was always surrounded by family, immediate AND extended.  I had plenty of friends outside of family, but without a doubt, my cousin, Christine, was my first and most enduring real best friend. (Love you, hon!)

She and I were always together at all family gatherings, sometimes up to mischeif. We made sure to spend as much time together as teenagers, sometimes days on end doing all kinds of crazy things. She is the one that I am totally confident in, totally comfortable with, I can be totally honest with, totally crazy, lazy and just be me with. Even now, after all the kids between us, when we get together, we create this kind of crazy energy that only we can. I think it scares our husbands.  I love that about her, and I love that about us.  BFFs.  For reals.



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One Response to #52 Stories Week 8

  1. Bradley Damschen says:

    Those smiles….are what it is all about!

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