#52 Stories Week 6


Week 6

This month the focus for my stories is  ❤ Love and Friendship. ❤

This week’s question:

Do you know the story of how your grandparents met and fell in love?

Ha ha.  Well, we always teased my grandparents about how they met, because somehow the story got twisted into something ridiculous. At least my paternal grandparents. I have no idea how my mom’s parents met.  They are both gone now, so I don’t know if I’ll ever know. Sniff, sniff.

Here is the abbreviated version of the twisted tale of how my paternal grandparents met:

Grandma was hanging out at the Mexican bar in lovely Taber, Alberta.  Apparently, she was dancing on the pool table and her slip was showing.  Grandpa saw her and pulled her aside to tell her about her slip and the rest was history.  Lol.

Totally fake, albeit hilarious, because, #1. I’m not sure there was even a Mexican in Taber at that time, let alone a Mexican bar. #2. Grandma is a Mormon. She wouldn’t be caught dead in a bar, especially dancing on the pool table. #3.  Grandma is really short. I’m not sure she could get up on a pool table even if she wanted to.with a ladder.

Here’s what I think really happened.  Grandma and her girlfriends were walking down the street and Grandpa was hanging out with his friends, all recently returned from WWII.  Grandma’s slip was showing below the hem of her skirt, and Grandpa felt it his duty to let her know.  I’m sure it was a very awkward conversation, as Grandpa was very shy.  I’m so glad he wasn’t shy that day!  I’ll have to ask Grandma for more details!grandpa-and-grandma







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