#52Stories-Week 3


Week 3

What goals are you actively working towards right now?

Exercising.  This week I actually legitimately exercised 5 times!  5 times in row. And, I even missed not being able to exercise on day 6 (and 7, though  didn’t miss it as much).  Amazing, right?! Now to work on that food problem. Tacos are sooo good!

Practicing. I set a goal to practice the piano at least 30 minutes a week. I know, that very low, but I’m starting at ZERO, so I thought I’d make something attainable. Greta doesn’t like me to practice (or do anything that takes my attention off her, for that matter).  It has been a very quiet 4 years of no piano practice with her around.  So far this past week I’ve been able to do sit down twice, nearing 30 minutes total!

Creating.  This week Greta and I made some simple birthday cards. I don’t consider myself crafty at all, so this was a fun, little project we could do together. I think they turned out well for a project with a 4 year old, and the best part, we mailed them away already, so they are actually practical, too.

Blogging/Journaling.  I’ve made a goal to try and be more intentional in recording and blogging and/or journaling this year. So far, so good. Last summer I purchased a planner that is pretty intense. It helps me keep most things in one place, instead of my usual back-of-the-envelop method.  The more I use it, the more I realize that I am still using those envelopes for various other notes, including to jot down things to blog or journal. I’m contemplating going to a bullet journal when the planner is finished with the academic year. Then everything will be in one place, finally!


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