Week 2 Question:

What is something you taught yourself to do without help from anyone else?

Well, long ago I really wanted to get crafty…I was a new wife, new stay at home mom in another country with not much to do and no where to go, what else was I supposed to do? The internet was new. My Space was the big thing, and I barely knew what to do with it. (I had like 3 friends on there.) There was no Pinterest. There was no Netflix. There was no Facebook.  I had a flip phone. I know what you’re thinking. Ancient. It’s okay. I own it.

So anyway, I decided I was going to learn how to knit. I bought a book which had a few pictures and instructions in the beginning of the basic stitches, plus more complex ones if I ever wanted. I’m a visual learner, so it was sufficient. I bought some needles, some yarn and after weeks and months of effort, I had made several successful projects. That was years ago. My career of knitting only lasted a few years at most, with only a handful of projects completed. I found that knitting is not a beloved pastime for me. I was always tense while knitting and it gave my hands cramps and my neck, aches. For the amount of concentration and focus it required from me, the pleasure was minimal. My favorite part about knitting was the finishing with a needle. Not technically even knitting.

I am proud to say I taught myself how to knit. I’m glad I tried. I’m glad I had the sense of accomplishment that comes from learning something new, and having taught it to myself. I’m also proud to say that I had the courage to walk away from something that took a lot of my concentration and effort, a lot of my time, because I found that it wasn’t for me. I learned most importantly that it’s okay to leave what you don’t love, even if you are invested in it. It’s okay to break free, and not look back. If it hurts you, get out!  Find new loves. Find old loves. Find other loves. Just find loves.

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