New Year, New You (and Me)

Happy 2017! After a long absence, I’ve decided to blog again. Why gone so long? Mostly I lacked gumption…and time…and motivation…aka discipline, but also because of a little bit of angst, (I mean anger) and I wanted to save you from my ranting. You’re welcome. I think that water has gone under the bridge by now. I sure hope so. In fact, I haven’t been doing any sort of record keeping over the past year. I took a look in my journal. I have a brief entry from January 2016, listing my last resolutions and goals, including one to write in my journal more, followed by an entry in March that was only one line. The End. Shame on me. So here I am.

Every year I tell my boys “New Year, new you!” and hint at setting goals and resolutions to better myself, hoping they will follow suit. It usually fizzles out by mid-January. Here’s a story to illustrate:

In the final days of 2015, I did something totally new. I signed up at Gold’s Gym for a premium membership. My 2016 goals included one to get fit and this would be great. The membership included use of the free babysitting, hydro-massage, any classes, tanning beds, and all the typical machines. Sounds wonderful? It was. For all 8 times I went there in 2016. (**a few of those times I went exclusively for the hydro-massage and babysitting, no working out**) Fizzle, fizzle. By April I realized I was wasting my money, and had my membership transferred over to my husband, and he made great use of it. When your physical fitness is directly tied to your income, it’s a little more motivating, I think.

So maybe I was destined to fail at my goals from the beginning. I went 1/14 on my goals from 2016. Awful!! Perhaps they were too grand, too vague, too obscure, etc. They were all good things, but honestly, when I didn’t look at my journal since March, they were also forgotten. This year I put a lot of thought into making sure that doesn’t happen, including being more intentional at reassessing and redirecting each month to make sure the year doesn’t pass without any positive change in me. I do really need a lot of work, and I can’t let another year pass by without any measurable progress!

One thing I am going to focus on doing this year is #52Stories. Each week I plan to write a bit about what’s going on in an effort to preserve my life story for posterity and others’ entertainment. LOL. Yes!

Already I’m a week behind, so here we go! New Year, New ME!!

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