Couldn’t ask for more

So, it’s 12:56 am and I’m laying awake in a semi-ok HoJo on my first trip south of the Mason-Dixon Line after two days of driving. About twenty minutes before pulling into town, Greta gets a wad of gum matted into her hair right above her forehead and is wailing about it. Andy has decided to lose his voice for the last 24 hours and communicating with him is frustrating at best. Gus had “the nose” most of the trip because we aren’t as accommodating as he would like and Bryce is puking for the fifth time since we got here, asking me when it will stop, as if I know. It took me twenty minutes to get the gum out of Greta’s head with minimal hair removal. Both she and Gus are sleeping. Andy, too, is sleeping, no doubt thanks to the Benedryl he took before bed. That leaves me to wonder if he has ever been the one to be up tending to our barfing -let alone sick- children. (Umm, no?!) Why must it always be mom’s job to wipe puke off the mattress, out of the bathtub, trash can, floor, blankets and sick faces?  Just because he has to get up to go to work each day shouldn’t mean he gets to sleep through every night. It’s not as if mom gets to have the following day off and extra rest time. Lol. Wouldn’t that be nice. 

#joysofmotherhood #ineedavacationfrommyproblems #Patienceisavirtue

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