Today was the first full day of the year we have had ZERO snow in any of the yard.  I haven’t seen certain corners of the ground since last fall.  There are still some mounds of snow lurking throughout the neighborhood but out yard is finally 100% clear. It’s about time, I say. 

Greta is full of cabin fever, and so glad to be able to go outside, even when it is chilly. She has so much energy to expend, I’m thankful she has increased her available play area. Yesterday afternoon I found her with drawings up and down her legs. She explained to me that they were called stripes, like Tigger, whom she frequently imitates in song and bounce. She keeps asking for her trampoline. 

Today also marked the long-awaited and often-inquired-about return of the ice cream truck. Usually I am too much of a tightwad to spend frivously on such indulgences, but I couldn’t resist. The ice cream truck means summer is just around the corner. It’s an idea for which I’d gladly overpay.


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