Momma knows best

Andy has been back since the end of July and it seems like life has just become crazier, not easier. The boys put a sign up on the fence by the air field where Andy was to arrive. It was Bryce’s idea for the phrase. It looked undoubtedly cool next to all of the other sappy and proper signs hanging around it.


Per the last post, Greta is still in two casts. She was caught off guard while bouncing on the trampoline with Gus. Despite multiple cautions to him not to bounce her, (or to do a myriad of other questionable activities) he trusted his judgment more than mine and poor Greta bore the brunt.
Anyway, Greta is not letting “pink cast” and “blue cast like princess Elsa” slow her down at all. In fact she is quite possibly more dangerous with them on. She has worn trough the bottom of her foot cast and still has a week to go.


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