I could really enjoy some Horchata right now. I need to learn how to make some.

So I haven’t written in a while, almost a month. Here’s some reasons…Greta, Greta, and Greta. She can’t be left alone for one minute. (She’s a budding Banksy.) She stays up too late for a 1.5 year old, so free time for me is scarce. And she wants to do everything I do, including typing on the computer, writing grocery lists, sweeping, reading, playing the piano, etc. It wouldn’t be so bad, except that she only accepts doing what I am doing, not doing the same thing as I am doing, right next to me while I do my own. She must use my computer, not me use mine. She must write my grocery list, not her own. She must choose the songs on the piano, and how much of each to be played, by turning the pages at will.  She must use my broom instead of one of the others that we have. She must choose what I read, to her, or to myself.  I don’t mind too much. She’s worth not getting anything done. Kids grow up too fast anyway, and they are more important than things, including chores, a clean house, a neat grocery list, the latest book or magazine, or a few minutes of piano playing. But I don’t let her get away with controlling everything, as it sounds. I just choose not to do anything, except things that are acceptable for her to be doing. And I am proud to accomplish so little most days. 🙂

After school finished at the end of June, we decided to go visit my sister, and had a grand time. I wish it was closer, for the sake of not having to drive with children. Not one of my children is a pleasant car traveler for one reason or another, but with lots of junk food, it is endurable. We also took the trip as an opportunity to rid ourselves of something the boys called “the Binky Revolution.” I’ve been trying to convince Greta that she is a big girl now and doesn’t need a pacifier, but the boys have been stashing them and giving them to her all.the.time.  We made a big deal about giving them to my sister so she could give them to babies when we left, and I haven’t had any related problems since. It makes me wish I did it much sooner. I hope there are none still lurking around the house. Now we can focus on potty training.

While in DC we visited the pandas at the zoo. Gus and Greta loved the pandas. Greta was in heaven in the panda gift shop. So many panda toys to hold, only two short stubby arms. We also visited the playground about 4 times a day, fed squirrels, patted bunnies, went to Greta’s first baseball game, and saw fireworks. The boys also saw Big Trouble in Little China for the first time. I tried to use it as a teaching opportunity for keeping fingernails trimmed. Overall, they weren’t very impressed with Jack Burton.   20140711-231115-83475435.jpg 20140711-231117-83477029.jpg 20140711-231118-83478474.jpg

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