The last few weeks have been quite a blur. It has seemed like we are double or triple booked most days and I haven’t had time to slow down and think. I’m hoping things slow down soon, but it looks like we’ll be busy right into July.  We’ve been busy with soccer (two different teams, so two different practice and game schedules), plus cub scouts, young mens/boy scouts, RS, Primary stuff, visiting teaching, dentist visits, doctor visits, FRG stuff, and general social obligations to include dinner invitations, retirement ceremonies, birthday parties, baptisms and service organizations.  Add in some school work and a bunch of house work, and there isn’t much time for anything else. Having school be finished in a few weeks will help, I think.20140711-231759-83879289.jpgLast week was particularly strange. I felt like I was having an out-of-body episode.

First I went to the retirement ceremony for our neighbor, who has been in the Army for 23 years.  They moved out yesterday. We hardly talked, since talking isn’t either of our strong points, but I considered them our good friends. I will miss them.

Then a few days later, our bishop’s wife passed away in her sleep. She was also our neighbor and good friend for the first year when we first moved here. It was all so sudden and weird. She was in her early 50’s. Bryce said good thing dad wasn’t the bishop then…I think meaning good thing I didn’t die?
Directly after her funeral, I went to a birthday party for the granddaughter of a friend at church. She is from Mexico. It was a cultural awakening for me. Probably the most ‘culture’ I’ve experienced since being here, complete with life-like piñata beatings and something called “Sandwichón,” a pâté like dish masquerading as a frosted cake.  At the end of the day I was really questioning what I was doing here in NY, like what is the purpose and where has sanwichón been all my life??

20140711-231801-83881450.jpgEarlier this month I bought another trampoline, after having sold our one from last year. We upgraded to a larger model. It was much heavier, and harder to assemble. Bryce helped a lot. Gus helped, too. I can honestly say I am done assembling trampolines. I don’t ever want to do it again.  Got it, Andy??


Million Dollar Smile, and we haven’t even reached Level Ortho yet!

Also in recent history, Bryce chipped his front teeth again by running into a pole while playing a game at the park, so we had several dental visits to have that resolved. And he finally lost his last baby tooth. Finally. He told us his 2nd to last one was the last and demanded a high price from the tooth-daddy. He has yet to get paid for the actual last tooth.I’ve been forcing the boys to consider more than just themselves…as in “service to others” (with little or no obvious immediate return). They have whined and complained each and every time. I had them join an actual club to do some of it.  For Memorial Day I had them work with our youth service club in retiring and presenting a new flag to a local cemetery. And for Flag Day (today) they returned again to the same cemetery to place American flags on the gravestones of veterans. Bryce said he found some Revolutionary War  veterans. The cemetery man (whatever he’s called) told us that there are more millionaires buried in that cemetery than at any other one, as well as really old dead people, like Abe Lincoln’s bodyguard and other important old people I can’t remember.


Service Club

This morning I dragged Gus along to help place donated items in the rooms in the barracks for the single soldiers who will be returning soon from deployment. He was not happy, but I hope someday he’ll appreciate all this forced service. I kept telling Bryce yesterday while he was complaining that once he’s dead he will wish someone came to his grave and placed a flag or something, even if he didn’t know who it was.You can see some photos here, maybe….



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