Mum’s the word

I do spend a lot of my time just listening, aka mum, but sometimes I want to say things. Recently I was looking back on a few posts from the last few years. I came across one that reminded me that I shouldn’t always say what I think, because, as Andy put it, no one will invite me for Christmas anymore. It’s a good thing, too, because I usually come to regret any hasty remarks I do make. That’s what I like about a blog vs. ‘social media.’ You actually need to take more than three seconds to think about what you’re going to say to the cyber universe.

Really, I was looking in the archives to see what happened on Mother’s days past…hoping for an indicator of what I could expect this year. Here’s the report:  Two years ago, Bryce got up and made crepes for breakfast. I might have even eaten them in bed, but I’m not 100% certain.  Then, things started to go downhill. Last year, I read that the boys set out a bowl, spoon and a box of cereal for me. Naturally this year, I wasn’t expecting much.  Now, you have to take in mind that Andy has been gone. He was last year, too, so really, a cereal bowl (and spoon!) on the table was a big deal, especially on a Sunday when I am usually the one to get them up and going. I don’t expect my boys to show uncommon amounts of self-motivation or even consideration for others unprompted. I just relish when there is even a glimpse of unselfishness displayed without coaxing. It doesn’t occur frequently, but it does happen.

So what happend this year? Well, I was up before everyone, got Greta breakfast, etc…usual Sunday morning routine. No crepes. No cereal. No bowl, no flowers. I got a few hugs and wishes, and these:



Bryce created a scavenger hunt. This was the first clue. Each clue had a witty rhyme. At the end was a peppermint patty.

Gus made the card about the cat.

Pleasantly surprised? Yes…and no. There is hope for next year…if I survive. I don’t plan on getting a cat anytime soon.
I hope all the moms out there had a day at least as nice as mine.

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One Response to Mum’s the word

  1. Jeff Olson says:

    It may not have been the “best” mother’s day, but it was funny. At least from my point of view. Love you,

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