April Recap

I’m not sure what happened to April. I’m glad it’s gone, though.

Here’s what we did:

On a chilly morning I took the kids to participate in a 1/2 way done Run/Walk to mark half way through the brigade deployment. We walked about one mile…maybe more like 1K, but the boys were whining like piglets without a mama. Greta was enjoying the view and ride, and was happy to look down on the  dogs people brought to walk with them.


I renewed our zoo membership and took a trip there one dry day. The animals were all out and putting on a good show. We enjoyed watching the otters and the bear.


Greta had her first Easter egg hunt set up by the boys. I think she had a good time, and so did the boys. They fought over whom should lead her around and point out the eggs. Thanks grandma Jackie for supplying the candy and chocolate for inside the eggs. I’m such a scrooge about candy.


Speaking of candy, Greta is officially a chocoholic.  (Not my fault, I don’t care much for chocolate, remember?)  Each morning when I take her downstairs I ask her what she’d like for breakfast and she tells me chocolate (cok-cah). She knows all the usual stashing places, and when I won’t give in, she knows to go to Bryce, who will give her anything and everything all of the time, including ice cream sandwiches for breakfast.20140504-193916.jpg

We got out the sidewalk chalk and had a good time drawing animals and flowers. The boys got ahold of some. This is what they drew:



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One Response to April Recap

  1. Jeff Olson says:

    Thank you, Angela, as usual I loved the story and especially the pictures. The one of Bryce holding Greta is special. Jeff

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