Sunday, yellow Sunday

Today was a bit tiresome.

I had to attend ward council. Actually I volunteered to go, so that meant leaving for church 1.5 hours earlier than normal. The boys weren’t happy. They did a decent job taking care of Greta, though I did hear her several times through the door, and afterwards found the phrase “Greta is Snuggly” written on many of the classroom chalkboards. Greta was spent by the time of the opening hymn, and was rather loud, sleepy and squirmy, so we had to spend most of the meeting in the hallway. I was (always am) hoping that she would fall asleep so I could take care of Primary business without little hands trying to grab for everything in front of me (papers, microphones, clipboards, doors, pictures, bulletin boards, etc.) but she fought it, hard. During JR sharing time, the daughter of the lady teaching was brought in from nursery and needed to go to the bathroom, so I let one of the teachers hold Greta while I took this little girl potty. We all were not fast enough, because she had wet her pants by the time I took her and I had a hard time convincing her that she had to take off her shoes to get her wet undies off. She really didn’t want to take off her shoes! Once we finally got things all taken care of, her mom was finished with sharing time. During Sr Sharing time, Greta decided to pee all over my lap. Awesome.

Fast forward to home, a few hours later. Gus yells out at the dogs, as they cause some sort of commotion and mischief.


Trousers probably got stuck on one of the many intricate leg contraptions under the table and just helped move it enough to thoroughly complete the damage done by numbskull movers. Trousers was so scared by what happened he spent the next few hours trying to stay as far away from the table as possible. He was shaking and very solemn. Rosie acted like this happens every day.

Of course, this event pulled at Gus’ heart strings. He fantasized about having Trousers spend the night in his bed to comfort him (totally never going to happen). We have a gate to keep the dogs from going upstairs, but Gus routinely lets them escape because he likes to chase the dogs (mainly Trousers) around. It is a game for them both. So, feeling so sad for his hound dog, Gus let Trousers upstairs, by “mistake.”

Then he came down to say, “You’re not going to believe what I’m going to tell you.”

At this point in my day, I really could care less about what someone thinks I’m prone to believe. Just tell me the worst and get it over with, man!

Gus breaks into his usual, very detailed, step-by-step story recounting:

“I let Trousers upstairs by ‘accident’…and you know how usually he just jumps on the beds and runs around…this time he went into your closet and peed!”


I need little orphan Annie to sing for me tonight.



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3 Responses to Sunday, yellow Sunday

  1. Erica says:

    Hilarious! So, who cleaned up the pee?

  2. angleoflove says:

    I’ll just say that after this week, I think I’ll need to have the carpet deep cleaned. Sunday was only the beginning! Just stay out of arms reach and you may laugh all you like.

  3. Jeff Olson says:

    I wish I could say something to comfort you and make it all alright, but all I can do is laugh.

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