I think I said I would keep posting some things for Andy. Here are a few photos of his recent life, including his best day ever, where all you can see is his ‘W’ vein.


With some counterpart in the snow around the middle of January.

Andy's best day EVER!

Andy’s best day EVER!


With some other tall friendly man.

As you can see, he is alive and doing well, even able to smile at times.  I’m sure he has told me all about who these other men are, but I am quick to forget things like that. He did send a photo of him digging in the mud, but I was unable to access the source file to attach it here, so just imagine him doing that. He keeps busy 24/7, and recently passed the 1/2 way point, according to him. (I’m not counting).  He does appreciate your letters and such, though he may not have much time to respond in a timely manner.

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