I feel like the last week has taken forever to be over! That’s because it was winter break for the kids and there was no school. Throw in a few holidays, (Valentine’s, Gus’ #10, and Presidents’ Day in case you missed it) and it made for an interesting time that never seemed to end.

20140223-211644.jpgI gave the boys each a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Greta was quite put out that she did not have her own once she saw what was inside. Bryce was nice enough to share with her. He always is. Gus, not so much. She can smell chocolate from a mile away. Must be a trait she got from her dad.

20140223-211654.jpgGus requested to NOT have a birthday party and NO cake, either. Can we say, “Party Pooper?” Can’t imagine where he inherited that from. 555. He did request a special dinner of fondue, so that’s what we had. (Bryce hates fondue, which may have been influential in the menu choice.) We also took two of his friends out to ice cream, and afterwards had them over to play. When they were done playing, Gus told me he never wants to have more than one friend over at the same time again.20140223-211703.jpgThere was still plenty of snow outside and finally a few days above freezing to I took Greta out on the sled in the backyard. She really did enjoy it, despite the face. She now goes to the door and points to the snow. Sometimes she will get her coat or boots and whine to go out in the ‘bowa.’ It warmed up a lot this week so there was a lot of melting and some flooding. Right outside our patio door was 3 inches of water for a few days. Now it has drained off a bit and refrozen. Luckily this time I was able to clear most of the snow from the driveway before the freeze. There is still a patch that I can never quite get through. I haven’t seen the ground there in that spot since November and I probably won’t see it until Easter.


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