long time lovin

You know it’s going to be a long day when the baby goes down for a nap and it’s only 8am.

I though of a few more things I should eventually post about:

craftiness and the headboard and fixing internal problems

But both of those topics seem to be very heavy now, so I’ll take one from my previous list: Voodoo Dad.


The happy family army peoples handed out little dolls from a company called “Huggs to Go” before everyone deployed. The dolls are in camouflage, and have a place where you can insert a picture for the doll’s face, to make it look like your loved one. It came with suggested uses or ideas of what to do with the personalized doll, such as take it everywhere, talk to it, hug it, etc.. to help children feel like ‘dad’ or whomever is still with them. We call ours Voodoo Dad. He occasionally gets talked to. Greta occasionally hugs him or throws him around.  Since we have three kids, we got three dolls. So not only do we have Voodoo Dad, we also have Voodoo Gus and Voodoo Bryce.  Both of those dolls have been used in unintended ways. I think Voodoo Bryce has lost his face, and Voodoo Gus has been chewed on by dogs, to mention a few mishaps. Luckily, Voodoo Dad gets a little more respect. He mostly sleeps on his sand pillow.


Here is a few snaps of Greta. She loves to stuff things in her little potty. I should mention that she has never actually used her little potty for #1 nor #2. She prefers the real potty for that business.


And here at 15 months. 90 percentile for height.



A few years ago I found this lady’s blog while researching some sort of crafty project.  I love her witty attitude and I am glad to know that there are good people from all backgrounds out in the world tying to make a difference. In particular, this woman is an inspiration for getting outside of one’s box and creating change, not waiting for it to come to you.  Recently I appreciated her post on outrage as an epidemic. We all think it is so grand and noble when we hear stories about forgiveness, such as when the Amish forgave the school shooter, or the Korean man not exacting blame on the Air Force when a plane crashed into his house and killed his family. For a moment we wonder or wish if we could do the same. Then we get back to our own reality, where we have attitudes of outrage. We have heated debates (aka arguments). We can’t believe so-and-so did such-and-such. We use road rage, hold grudges against our friends and siblings, change our hair color, job, car, house, phone, diet, etc. frequently because we haven’t found peace inside. We don’t realize that those external things are never going to help heal us. Jesus wasn’t on the debate team. He knew who He was. He didn’t need to argue or “prove” Himself. He never compromised. He just did what He knew He was supposed to do. Amid His hard and persecuted life, He had peace. He knew where to find it. He knew how to create it.





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