I have been meaning to write something for the past few days, but as soon as I sit down to do it, all thoughts leave my mind. I really think I need to ‘regroup’ the brain and work on focusing more frequently.

There are many things I’ve been thinking about. I will list them here before I forget them:

snow is magical. we have plenty.

grandpa george can walk? says gus

‘outrage’ link

voodoo dad

super bowl

Greta and her chapstick

eye vision

Red Army Choir

something else that I can’t remember, but i know it’s there so I must save a space.

Here’s what I can remember:

We have plenty of snow up here. I really love it. I know I wouldn’t be loving it as much if I didn’t have a snowblower, or if I had to go somewhere every day. But since I do have a snowblower (and boys who can use it), and I don’t have to get up and go anywhere most days, I really enjoy waking up and seeing a foot or more of fresh snow outside. Trousers loves it, too. He frolics and runs around like a madman, leaping through the fresh drifts. He sticks his nose into the wind, eyes squinted shut, and inhales snowflakes to his heart’s content. He tries to get Rosie in on the action, but she will have none of that. She goes outside only far enough to find a suitable place to eliminate, and then runs back to the door. It is important we keep the patio shoveled off, or else she won’t venture more than a few feet away. Sometimes I’ll even dig a trench into the yard so she has more options without having to plow though the snow. Greta is also enamored with the weather, though she hasn’t played much in it. She enjoys watching the flakes fall, standing next to the towering snowdrifts and banks, and she loves to watch the dogs running outside in it. She goes to the window when she hears the snowplow. She also likes to eat any snow tracked into the house.


I think I’ve mentioned it before, but we didn’t watch sports growing up.  And I don’t recall EVER watching a Super Bowl. I’m sure there was always something better to do on a Sunday than watch football, even if it was trimming my fingernails.  (I still feel the same way now.)  In fact, our neighbors used to give us sweatshirts from the Superbowl, when the Broncos went several years in a row?? I always hated those sweatshirts, and I thought the Broncos were dumb because all I knew about them was that they would go to the Superbowl and lose, so basically they sucked. Who wanted to wear orange and blue? Worst color combo ever!  I also grew up thinking the Nuggets were duds, too. I never watched them, but somehow I knew they never won. So, when the boys asked me if they could watch the Super Bowl this year, and even Andy, (who has not shown any real inkling to persuade me otherwise in the last 15 years) suggested that I ‘tape’ the game (like we have that technology still) so the boys could watch it later, I relented. Usually we watch ZERO TV on Sundays anyway, so they all knew this was a big deal.

My Conclusion:   The one time I compromise my Sabbath-day standards willfully, I am punished in the process. I’ll never do that again. Totally not worth it. We didn’t even make it past half-time. Worst game ever. Broncos still suck.


A few weeks ago I was going through a bunch of old photos. It must have been around Christmastime because I had this great idea of making a “Christmas” album, with pictures of our holidays throughout the years. I think it will help keep the memory fresh, let us know where we were each year. There is a span of about 3-4 years that I can’t remember definitively what happened or where we were. I think those photos are lost in a digital file somewhere. Anyway, one of the photos I pulled out was of me and my grandpa George. He was standing up, holding me as a toddler.  Gus saw it and asked, “Grandpa George could walk?” It had never dawned on me that for his entire conscious life (Gus’), Grandpa George had relied on a walker or wheelchair to get around. I think my grandpa had a stroke when Gus was between 1 and 2. It made me kind of sad that he never knew my grandpa in the way that I did. It also made me feel old.


Greta is approaching 15 months. Her all time favorite food:  chapstick. Lotion comes in close second. Then chocolate, blueberries and other fruit, (except bananas), yogurt, ranch dressing and ketchup, cream cheese, cheerios, and raisins and apples. I think she ate her first hot dog today, and enjoyed it. She also likes to eat scones, not the  “mormon” sweet and greasy concoctions, but the true, flaky, pasty, dry and flavorless British kind. The boys have taught her how to scream for fun. She likes to hide in the pantry or behind doors and play peek-a-boo. She loves to color with markers…on anything she can find, including herself.  She loves her blanket and stuffed animals, and occasionally plays with dolls. I’m not sure yet if she will be a girly girl. For now, she continues to rule the roost. It will only get worse as she begins to speak.

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  1. Jeff Olson says:

    AND I was really disappointed that the Broncos sucked. Love your posts. Especially the info about what the kids are into. Jeff

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