Sometimes i lie awake at night and think of things i want to write about. then i forget, so it must not be that important. i should have a paper next to my bed to take little notes on but i wouldn’t use it.

Sometimes while i am writing about nothing, i remember what i wanted to say. here’s one example…kind of.

When I was a youth I thought it would be nice to live in Alaska.  (Gasp!-I know, sweetie, it goes against everything I’ve ever told you, but just wait and see why.)  I thought this for a few reasons:

***(And here’s where my boys will always tease me because they think I start to act like I have a huge list of reasons for something and usually only have two…unfortunately they are right.)

Reason #1. Polar Bears. I like them a lot. I hear they are now getting more cozy with landlubbers. I just want to give them a big hug and high five their massive paws. Curse that global warming. (BTW, when I asked my Alberta great uncle if I could blame Canada for all the cold weather we have, he told me it comes down from AK.)

Reason #2. Sparse population. At that age, I was pretty fed up with my peers. Let’s face it. People can be annoying, especially teenagers. I probably didn’t care much for adults, either.  Annoying teenagers usually make for annoying adults, you know. Actually, I probably just thought everyone was annoying.  Anyway, I figured if I could live in Alaska there would be enough space for me and the polar bears to just live a solitary kind of life, and not have to deal with people. It would be awesome. I guess I planned to live in an igloo in the wilderness or something.  I don’t think I really thought it all out. I’m sure I was pretty annoying as a teenager myself.

Sooo….the point is…that I am still an introverted person who finds most contact with people to be what I will call ‘de-charging,’ because using the word “draining” sounds too antisocial. And having just visited with Matt, I realize that I am not the only one who likes to be alone. He’s just more diplomatic and polite about it. Plus, he likes to read. I’m not sure what I would do all by myself since I don’t, but it is nice to have my inner feelings vindicated.

I recently had a discussion with a lady who said her husband was worried that if she home-schooled her kids they would turn out to be weird and introverted. She tried to point out to him that they went to public school and turned out weird and introverted.  I went to public school and it didn’t make a normal extrovert out of me, either.

I’m not really sure this post is going anywhere, but at least I wrote it down so when the train of thought in my mind comes around the bend or out of the tunnel, I’ll at least have a few tracks to go on.

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