This week’s biggest accomplishments:

  • Finding the driveway/sidewalk. The beginning of the week was above freezing, actually up into the 40’s, so most of the ice melted away from our north facing driveway. Of the rest (about 40% remaining) we were able to chop and whittle it down to about 10% coverage. All of our hands and arms were very numb and sore for several days following. I figure that the 12’x3′ section that is still covered with 4 inches of ice can remain until summer.
  • We made a trip to visit family and the temple. The boys suffered through two hours of babysitting, a box of Cheez-its and Star Wars VI while I went to the temple in Palmyra. It’s so nice to go to the temple! Afterwards, we stopped at the worlds slowest (undermanned) Subway restaurant, and then I made them wait as I made the splurge purchase of my birthday presents; Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. Waaay more money then I ever intended to spend. Good thing I had a reason to help justify it, right? I recently acquired some unsightly furniture for FREE, so I plan to paint it and call it even. And yes, honey, I did end up getting more furniture while you were away, even though several years ago you told me no more furniture. Maybe I could sell it? I am thinking I will enjoy painting it and it could become a cash cow for you in the end. :)We also visited with Liz (and Matt) and had a great time throwing stuff into the river and visiting the zoo.  Greta really enjoyed seeing all of the animals.

    Greta discovers bouncing on an air mattress is fun!


    Throwing twigs into the river


    Greta at the Zoo

  • I sent out the last of this year’s Christmas cards, I think. Sorry if you didn’t get one.

Self Tattoo

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