Columbus discovered a new world…and so did Bryce


Bryce’s new game


Boys on Christmas morning


Greta opens presents


I just wanted to post a few pictures of Christmas. There really is no one good picture of everyone, ever. I need to get photoshop and start cutting and paste a good picture together. Good idea for next year’s Christmas photo, right?

An amazing thing happened while we drove home from church yesterday.  Bryce was reclining in the back seat of the van and said a remarkable thing.

Bryce: “I can see through my nose!”

Mom: “You have an invisible nose?”

Bryce:  “No. I can see through it. It’s because I have two eyes.”

I told him at this rate, I would be homeschooling him FOREVER.

And so, we are looking forward to the New Year together. I told the boys that it will be a ‘new life’ for the New Year. (I mean, he’s got two eyes now, so it has to be.)  They said I say that every year and it hasn’t happened yet. Well, poo poo.  This time it’s for real! We are having our FHE tonight to discuss our new lives, or rather my plans for our new lives.  We’ll let you know what we conclude to do with ourselves.

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