After my own heart and hair


Greta is very much like me, I fear.  Stubborn, demanding, and reckless.   I was looking through old photos and decided she looks more like my kids than she does me.  Her eyes are not as ‘asian-y.’  That’s a good thing for her, I guess. I spent most of my life having a hard time, never fitting in, because of ‘asian-y-ness.’  Now it is all cool to be asian, but when I was growing up, it wasn’t as cool to be different.  I was more excited to be part Canadian, as if that is ‘exciting.’ 555 (Sorry Kati).  BTW-here’s a PPP (personal pet peeve). People are not “oriental,” just rugs, food, markets, and such. At least to me, I find it offensive to hear that term in reference to people. I know it doesn’t bother everyone. My mom refers to herself using it, but I would never.

Ok. Back to Greta. When Greta gets tired, she becomes ADHD.  Surprised??  She can’t focus on anything for longer than 2 seconds and acts like a pinball, bouncing from one thing to the next.  Kind of like how I can never finish any task without great concentration and discipline.  She hates having her hair done, and will pull out any kind of clip or band. I did the same thing and it’s probably why I had sported awful haircuts most of my childhood. (think asian-bowl cut/bangs), while my sister always had long, lovely locks in braids and bows. I was jealous. But, I still don’t like doing my hair, and at least now I can control the cutting part. Sure, I look at photos of myself now and then and wish I had done my hair better, or knew how to do it, and lament that fact…for about 2 seconds.  Hair  is just too much to think about, anyway. I guess the boys inherited that part from me, too. At least we share something in common with Albert Einstein.



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