Sup, and other random ramblings


The boys saw an insurance commercial were a ‘teen’ driver plows through a fence and comes to a screeching halt in front of his parent and says, “‘S up.” They both thought it was so funny, and said they cannot wait until they can drive.  Ha ha. They will never drive.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about blessings.  Once I heard someone say that you should live as though you already have the blessings you want that you may not have.  It kind of goes along with the worldly wisdom that if you want to be a millionaire, you have to think like one.  Well, anyway, if you want such-and-such a blessing, you should live as though you already have it.  In my mind I AM many things already.  Hmmmm. But seriously, one of the blessings I am really thankful for right now is forgiveness. Not just that I can be forgiven, but that I can forgive others. Sometimes I hate people and they don’t even know it. I am grateful I have a way to let that go and move on.

Greta has started walking all over the place. In fact, she now tries to walk everywhere instead of crawling. She still toddles, but is getting pretty good at it, especially for one who has had to learn it all on her own. I still refuse to help.  She is also into everything; cabinets, garbage, fridge, laundry, dog dishes and water, toilets, drawers, boxes, books, electronics, etc.,  and she leaves a wake of destruction all around the house.  She is still working on tooth #4, and has quite a repertoire of words under her belt.  The boys are still enamored with her every move. Bryce especially sings her praises every day, his best and favorite sister, ever.

Today our church was cancelled due to an ice storm. My friend said people were comparing this storm to the storm of ’98.  We both had no clue about what happened in ’98 but both decided that we would go around perpetuating the comparison to extremes.  For the last week or so there has been 1 1/2 feet of snow on the ground. Then this weekend it started raining, then freezing rain. So the snow decreased a bit, but is completely crusted with about an inch of ice. My driveway is about 2 inches of solid ice, plus a bunch more where the dumb snowplow pushed all of the slush back up from the street and it refroze.  All of the trees behind our house are bending low and many have snapped in  half or lost limbs. They look as if they are bowing down. Luckily, we have kept our power and heat. There are many without in our area. This morning I freed the garage door, and de-iced the garbage cans. There is no point in trying to melt the rest of it. It will be really cold for the next week, with possibly more rain today and more snow tomorrow. It’s nice to not have to go anywhere.

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One Response to Sup, and other random ramblings

  1. Jeff Olson says:

    Still love your blog. Re: forgiving others. I too struggle constantly with this. I can think I am a big person and have forgiven someone and then later I’ll find myself cursing them silently again. Hard to really make it permanent. I did hear it said once that hating someone is like drinking poison and believing it will hurt the other person. Love you, Angela. Jeff

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