The Devil made me do it

We decided rather late to spend Thanksgiving at my sister’s house in DC.  I planned out when we would leave, what needed to be done and how we should go and all the last minute details, such as how we can eat up all of those random things in the fridge so they don’t get wasted.  Well, then Mother Nature decided to send a storm. I’m still not sure if it materialized into anything. I haven’t seen the news or heard from anyone up North, but it was expected to be a whopper.  So, I made the executive decision to leave a day early. This threw off much of my planning. Here’s how our trip went: (Warning….this gets gross, but true)

7:00am wake up, after a rough night with Greta

8:00am kick Gus out of bed, again, yell at boys to get going on the list of things needed to be done

9:00am yell at boys again to move faster. Greta yells, too

9:30am pack up all stuff, including the two dogs.

10:00am Bryce’s allergy shot appointment….requires waiting 1/2 hour…Gus stays in the car with the dogs

10:30-11:15 Drive from Watertown to Lowville on a road I’d never taken before. Close to the end of the leg, Bryce comments that he thinks someone barfed and Rosie is eating it. I think, “Yessss!”

11:15ish-Arrive at Kennel. Take dogs out of van. Take dog into kennel. Assess damage. Results: Luckliy, we always carry around this piece of trash called a Litter that Andy rescued from the garbage in Afghanistan. I used it to cover most of the floor in our van before putting the dogs in that morning. Then, I covered the litter with the dogs’ sleeping bags/blankets. There are signs of dog puke (Trousers’) all over the place.  Thanks to Rosie for cleaning up most of it, but still work needs to be done. Trousers’ bed is too gross to send with him to the kennel. I bag it up to deal with later. I start unpacking all of our bags from the back of the van into the wet parking lot.  Fortunately, most of the mess is on the litter. So thankful I used the litter. Otherwise we might have had to cancel the trip due to intolerable smell for 400 miles. Of all of the other bags that we packed, which did Trousers christen the most?  My temple clothes bag, of course.  Royally.

11:30ish  Drive across the street after careful repacking of van to the car wash. Wash car, litter, and temple bag. Feed Greta.

12:00 Drive on. and on, and on.

It was totally awesome to spend the next 8 hours driving through snow and rain with Bryce chiming in hourly with his complaints about going on this trip, with Greta voicing her displeasure, with Gus complaining about fair computer/electronic time, and feeling like I had dog puke residue all over my clothes and skin. Some feelings are only washed away with a shower.

9:00pm Arrive in Vienna, where the night is still young. Begin staying up late, eating sweets, and watching movies like maniacs. We are on day 4. It’s awesome.

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