Most wonderful time of the year

It’s Sunday, so I’ll start off with a little confession (for both Andy and I). I know the O clan has been emailing wildly about Christmas names and gifts, etc. I failed to internalize who our family is supposed to have this year. Please tell me again.  (You can leave a comment.)  Also please tell me what you all decided to do because…..Andy’s confession: He doesn’t have much time to read emails. (I’m not sure if he reads mine.) I actually sent him a package, and the told me he didn’t have time to open it. Therefore, if Andy is supposed to pen a composition or something like that to you by Christmastime, perhaps it would be best if you could write it as if you were Andy, and then sign his name. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. It’s kind of fun, and illegal.20131124-220205.jpgOtherwise, as far as Andy goes, he seems to be doing ok. He’s alive, though drowning in work. He could use a dozen clones, if you have any sitting around, to help him with all he is supposed to do. He usually calls for about 15 minutes once or twice a week, it’s usually midnight or later, and he has mildly coherent conversation and relay of man drama that he has to deal with. I think Spencer W. Kimball said something like ‘suffering can make saints out of people.’  He’s pretty saintly already, but I’m sure he’ll need a living beatification when he gets through with this. And he thought he was busy while he was still here. Ha ha ha.  XXXoo. At least he gets to skip out on doing tithing settlements. (Richard hasn’t started those, btw)

On the other side of the world, I noticed that political unrest is brewing in Thailand again. That means it must be time for me to plan another trip! I think the last couple of visits have been during times of mass protesting or coup d’etat. They have also been during times of deployment…..Maybe it just means I’m freezing and want to go somewhere warm. Sigh.  I’ll have to ask Santa for a ticket.

Here are the latest Greta pics.



Greta and her friend, Max



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