My Grets


Frosting eater, for sure!

Today was Greta’s 1st birthday. We had a small celebration, just me and the boys. She wasn’t feeling all that well yesterday, so we were just trying to take it easy. Plus, today was the Primary Program, I taught sharing time and I just wanted to wind down, not wind up for a birthday party. It’s too bad Andy wasn’t here to join in the family fun. He did skype us to wish his little girl happy birthday. He’s been 0 for 3 in attending our children’s 1st birthdays. He always seems to be in another country. Good thing they don’t remember at that age. I know my uncle missed my cousin’s 8th birthday and I think she still holds it against him. It’s been 30 years for her.  Bryce spent his 1st birthday on an airplane to Sofia, Bulgaria. We met Andy there the day after his birthday. I sadly cannot remember what happened on Gus’ 1st birthday.  We might have been in Falcon, or maybe Boulder. I just know it was in Colorado somewhere. I can’t even find pictures. I know, bad mom. Poor Gus. Suffering from middle child syndrome long before he was a middle child.
IMG_1688We spent the evening looking over pictures of the baby and Trousers from the past year. Both are so cute! I wish they could stay small for longer. Trousers, especially, was much cuter when he couldn’t reach the countertops.DSCF4325



IMG_1645 Due to some mouth trauma, Greta now has three teeth. She bumped her gum against something, and one of her teeth had some  help coming in prematurely. She has really enjoyed crawling around, exploring, getting into things and climbing.  This week we put her hair into pig tails. They didn’t stay long (she pulls them out), but we had a good time. Learning to do girl hair when you’ve never done your own is going to be a steep learning curve.

This week I decided to clean out a huge box of stuff that has been sitting in our front room for months!  It feels great! Now I lie in bed at night thinking of other things I might possible be rid of, including Andy’s clothes that I don’t like. I’ve already gotten rid of his hideous puke green Cowboys hoodie. (Yeah, you know the one. I’ve been waiting to do that for years!) A few other things have also disappeared. I plan to slowly replace with things that are

#1. Not Plaid. (He has way too many plaid things)

#2. Long, and unshrinkable (this seems very hard to come by)

#3. Things suited for a man almost 40 to wear to professional, casual days or outings. (Basically things I’m not embarrassed to be seen with him when he’s wearing it. I’m really glad he isn’t a vain man. Other people just don’t need to know it by how he dresses.)

#4. Enough of the good things so that he doesn’t wear the same outfit every time he goes out of the house. Even though Mr. Rogers only wore his new sweaters inside for half an hour before changing again, he ALWAYS had a different one each day.

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