Romanian Holiday


A few days ago Andy called to say he was having a splendid time in Romania. He was meeting some locals and learning about Dracula. He even found a little friend.
He is always finding little critters like this and sending us the pictures. I’m glad he gets the time to do it when he is gone. He never seems to find things around here! I actually think he will be less stressed (albeit more frustrated) while he is gone. At least he doesn’t have to feel the guilt of not spending time with us. Sadly, I’ll probably have more opportunity for quality conversation with him now.


Greta helps Andy with last minute planning.

We  had a pretty mellow Halloween. Last year we had a party. I think it was over ambitious, and I remember spending a week or so wiping up sticky spots around the house left by little  candy monsters. This year, I offered our driveway for some friends to park and we walked around our neighborhood in the rain. Greta (in bee garb) got a few candies. She enjoyed a lollipop and now recognizes what they are. They have all been banished. Bryce had a great time as a candy robber and went all over the neighborhood with his friends. Gus decided to be what he was last year (mostly because Bryce didn’t want him to be the same thing as he was). He went around by himself, then went to play at his friends house for a few hours. He went through at least two pairs of shoes for the evening. I didn’t take any pictures. I put out a bowl of candy and a sign. It was too difficult for me to have to answer the door with the baby and the two dogs pining for my attention. I’m pretty sure Halloween is my least favorite holiday.  Even worse than Arbor day.

We are still trying to put the house back together after Andy’s whirlwind departure. There are still little piles and boxes around and there are some things I’ve neglected or procrastinated until he left to dig into. The crowning event was the shipping of his truck!

20131102-124048.jpgThey came today and hauled it away. Now there is actually room to walk around the garage, and get to some projects I need to finish.

And a little FYI: Our PO BOX is up for renewal at the end of November. We are planning to close it, so please send things to our house. If you don’t have that address, let me know. Also, if you plan to send Andy anything, wait. He still hasn’t figured out where he will be for sure. I can pass that info along when it is certain. When you do send him something, please DO NOT include his rank on the address. I don’t know why not. We were just instructed not to do it this time around.


Gus and Rosie

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