20131023-152436.jpgGreta has finally figured out how to crawl.  She is quite fast and scurries all over the place. She really enjoys her new freedom, but is sure to stay within view on mom most of the time. She loves to find little bits of yuck on the floor and try to stick it in her mouth before mom can get to her. It has become a laughing game for her. With two dogs and two boys, there is no shortage of small debris lying around.


We have been (ok, just me) teaching her some signs: More, Toilet, Eat, Mom. That’s basically all you need to know at this age.  Here she is signing wildly for more sour cream. (Usually we have unflavored, unsweetened yogurt, and I think she was fooled by the sour cream.) She loves yogurt and  blueberries. It has been fun to see her figure out eating by herself. She loves to make a mess.20131023-152423.jpg

For Halloween this year Greta will be a bumble bee, if she’s agreeable to it. She didn’t really enjoy the pre-holiday dress rehearsal. Bryce wants to be a robber and steal people’s candy. Gus? IDK yet.20131023-152544.jpg

On the way back from stake conference a few weeks ago we stopped at Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. It was closed due to government shutdown shenanigans, but it was a beautiful day and a good excuse for the boys to put some grass stains in their church clothes. We’ll have to make a trip back there when it is open. This was pretty much the final warm, sunny fall day we’ve had. It has been overcast and much cooler since then.20131023-153644.jpg

Andy took a well deserved week off of work last week and we went to Niagara Falls. It was awesome. The boys were banned from using electronics for the trip, so we heard complaining for hours on end, as well as “This is the worst trip ever!” and “He won’t leave me alone,” several times, but it turned out to be nice for us anyway. We got to ride the Maid of the Mist. Greta didn’t really enjoy being trapped in the poncho at first, but once the water was pouring down, she obliged a bit more. We even walked all the way to Canada and back.20131023-152512.jpgOn the way back, we stopped and visited in Rochester. Liz took us to the cemetery. We saw dead people, like Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, and Pwebe. It was basically the best cemetery I’ve been to, and I’ve been to some cool ones. Thanks Liz. We spent the night in Palmyra and the boys had their first real babysitting job as Andy and I went to the temple together. Everyone survived, happily. We toured the Book of Mormon printing press before heading back home. When we got home, Bryce danced for joy for several hours.






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