News of late

Lots has been happening but I’ve been too busy to get things here. This week I finally have a few minutes due to some cancelled appointments!


At 10 months, Greta was checking in at 19 lbs. She’s probably about 20 lbs now. Just last week(?) she cut her first tooth, quickly followed by her second. You may ask if the magic baltic amber necklace works? Well, for the week that I lent it to Greta’s friend, Max, she was noticeably more cranky. (She also had a virus, so there is no real telling.)

Once we got it back, she has been back to her peachy self, plus two teeth, and she looks cute, which is the most important part of the amber necklace. So, I would say it works. She still isn’t crawling per se, but gets all over the place by scooting on her bum and rolling. She has lots of energy, acts kind of spastic frequently, shrieks and screams and smiles at strangers. She  has started to pinch.Hard. Those little fingers are getting quite skilled. We went raspberry picking last weekend and she was so excited to pick her own. After her fill of berries, she started to pick and eat grass. She even (gasp) loves to pick up and eat lentils.


Bryce  has enjoyed being out of primary and cub scouts and into the Young Men’s organization. He does a great job passing the sacrament on Sundays and is much more agreeable to do anything church related. Unfortunately, he boasts of his good fortune to Gus and causes contention about it almost daily. I’m glad he is excited about it all. I do wish Gus was having a better time. Bryce is looking forward to the Priesthood social they will have this weekend before the Priesthood session of General Conference.

My plan with the holy luchador seems to be working. Andy has been making all sorts of arraignments to sell his truck to someone. A small part of me refuses to believe it is legitimate until we actually see the money. I hope it all works out, and very soon. I don’t want to deal with it once he’s gone.


Fall is upon us here in the North Country. The leaves are in full color display. This is a view out of our transom window. Andy took the boys and Trousers out into the training area to do some ‘tracking’ of coyote. They made plenty of videos of the adventure. I would say with more training, Trousers could be a good hunting dog. It’s a bit difficult when all parties involved in the training are novice. At the least, it was good exercise and a good excuse to get out of the house. We even got a decent picture of Gus out of it.


There was a casing ceremony for Andy’s brigade last week. I can’t believe it is coming so soon! The past few months have really gone by quickly, and been very busy.

Rosie, our newest family re-addition, has finally started to show some ribs! She is on a strict diet and has slowly increased her energy levels and reflexes as she has shed the pounds. Trousers is relentless when it comes to pestering her. She has to work to maintain her alpha position, as he is just too numb-skulled to figure it out. The end goal was for Trousers to become better behaved towards us people and I think that has definitely improved. He no longer stalks us and jumps on the boys as they go in and out the back door. He has someone else to pester when he gets bored (poor Rosie!). They get along for the most part. I feel bad she is so old and he is so young. I hope she lives long enough for him to mellow out. The boys are enjoying Rosie. Trousers has really become the rotten dog head.



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