Healthin’-part 1

I used to describe Andy as a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. That was about 14 years ago. I cannot honestly remember when the last meal I made that had both meat and potatoes. On more than one occasion over the years, the in-laws have commented on Andy’s ‘sleekness’ of physique. Well, it’s ok. I’ll take the blame. A lot has to do with the absence of meat-and-potatoes. For example, last week, this is what we had for dinner:


Delicata Squash stuffed with quinoa.
How did it go over? Well, Bryce ate the inside, Gus scraped out the inside and tried to eat the squash (and subsequently ran to the bathroom gagging….then asked for dessert), and Andy ate everything except the squash skin, because after coming home late, he wasn’t aware that it was edible and it wasn’t obvious from the boys’ plates what was in fact edible. Another vegetarian meal down. Now, it isn’t that I grew up eating veg. Well, honestly, sometimes I did. But my family is definitely not. I don’t think my brother Gadget eats vegetables. Ever. I think he must poop steaks, because that’s all I’ve seen him eat. My mom is always telling me what to feed my family, and especially, “They need meeeeat!” referring to the boys and Andy. (Sorry mom, but like many words of motherly wisdom you’ve offered, that one falls on deaf ears and rolled eyes.) In my house we pretty much could go for a week or more without eating meat at dinner, or lunch. (Usually we do have eggs for breakfast.) And in my opinion, cheese/cream is not a protein, so it rarely becomes a meat-substitute in foods, like so many popular, mainstream dinner dishes. So mainly there is vegetarian fare in our house. Everyone chokes it down most days. I even made the in-laws and parents eat a gluten-free zucchini lasagna with tofu sauce when they came to visit last month!

So, why do I torture my family? Why do I deprive them of meat and potatoes? Previously I have mentioned my aversion to all GMO, except Greta Mae Olson, of course. Root crops are especially scary to me, not just because of GMO, but also because they are sucking up all of the chemicals sprayed on them during growth, then you are supposed to eat them! Ahh! *Cringe* This is my OCD.

Meat? Aside from what you do to an animal while it is living (mystery feed, laced shots, harmful drugs, etc.), let me ask this. Have you ever been inside a factory? Have you ever seen something being “processed?” Have you ever seen The Hulk movie where he’s working in a drink factory in Brazil? How about a cannery? Dry or wet? Imagine chicken rolling along those conveyor belts, right into the little styrofoam tray you pick up at the grocery store. And ground beef? Got formaldehyde? Grinding, extruding? How often do you think they wash down the machines? I think the Japanese have a cleaner environment when painting Toyotas than in a meat processing plant. Sure, the FDA is there to protect us, inspect and make sure everyone is wearing the hairnets. I trust the FDA. Commercial Meat: No thank you!

Now, if you had me a hamburger, I will eat it. I will order meat off a restaurant menu. My biggest problem is probably related to my clear vision of the meat processing. (Engineer drawback). Hunting? Yes! Raising my own chicken and having it for dinner? Yes! Fishing? Yes! Time to do those things? No! Hence, please pass the squash.

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