So Greta turned 9 months last week sometime. You know what that means? Half way to nursery! Poor baby. Gus was the only child whom I had the privilege of holding for all three hours of church on Sundays, and hold I did. Lucky us! I’m so thankful for all of the nice ladies at church who race to see who can keep Greta for the hour. Such a big help.20130820-123317.jpg

In other news…Andy is trying to sell his truck. Know anyone who wants it? I’ll make you a good deal, I promise. We were praying about it and I suddenly had a flashback and an idea of brilliance. When we were living in our house in Falcon, we unearthed a small St. Joseph statue in the front yard. After some research I discovered that often St. Joseph (the carpenter) is buried to help one sell one’s home. Too bad that little statue was destroyed by the time we were looking to sell that house. We could have used him back then.

Anyway, since we are having a tough time selling Andy’s truck, I’ve come up with a plan….555.

By the time Andy was finished praying I had already formulated this idea and burst out giggling.

Since I don’t have a St. Joseph sitting around, this is THE.NEXT.BEST.THING.

20130820-123337.jpgI knew this would come in handy someday.

(I added the cross to increase its holiness.)

Now I just have to “bury” it inside Andy’s truck somewhere. Don’t tell him!

Summon the Eagle Powers!!

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