Cache Valley

20130730-180552.jpgWe just successfully returned from a trip to Cache Valley. Thankfully the return was much smoother than the way out as none of our flights were delayed/cancelled. It was a quick, hectic trip, but it was really good to see all of Andy’s family at the same time. I do think we are getting too old to do red-eye flights. That was brutal on all of us. Greta screamed from over-exhaustion, Gus would wake up like a fighting Irishman and sleepwalk through the airport, and I became very grumpy. A few days later and we are still recovering. Perhaps our delay at the beginning of the trip was a blessing in disguise, since we missed our red-eye and had to take a day flight. We lost a day of vacation, but at least we weren’t exhausted.20130730-180635.jpg

Back to our trip, the weather was beautiful, and it was nice to get a break from the high humidity we had been experiencing in New York. (Now that we are back, it is much cooler here.) The boys did a lot of work and play at the farm. We visited with lots of relatives and friends, went to the carnival, That Famous Preston Night Rodeo and Bear Lake. We went to Andy’s 20 year high school reunion. The boys finally got their hair cut, just in time for family photos (odious to take but hopefully worth it). 20130730-180601.jpgWe confirmed that the boys don’t like rodeos. Gus gets bored and ornery. Bryce gets upset at the “poor, sad” animals. Next time, we will leave the boys at home (for the rodeo, not the entire trip). The boys had a busy time. They got to go fishing, four-wheeling, canoeing, shoot bows and arrows and participate in organized hooliganism with their uncles. They collected lots of candy from the parade in town, and discovered “berries and cream” from the sidewalk sale. They enjoyed visiting with cousins and relatives. The Blue Goose in Samaria is their new favorite shop in Idaho. Even I’d have to admit that Idaho is growing on me….slowly.




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