A few weeks ago we went to Cape Vincent. They were having a French Festival. It wasn’t really Frenchy, but they did have a parade with Napoleon on his white horse. The Bonapartes are quite popular around these parts. We once looked at a house for rent that was visited by Napoleon’s brother, preparation for his escape from St Helena, and trans-atlantic conquest to the North Country. The boys were very upset that I dragged them to a cultural event. They would have preferred to play video games with their friends. Gus was especially put out until he saw…..a guy with his high school marching band. He had serious baton skills. Gus thought that he was sooo cool to be able to catch the baton behind his back. (He was really good.)

At 8 months Greta is so much fun! She can sit really well now, and grabs for everything. She can scoot her bottom around when seated to reach things around her. Everything goes into her mouth. She is very good at feeding herself. In fact, if you try to spoon feed her, she will refuse, or grab the food off of the spoon and put it into her mouth by herself. Greta eating spaghetti is especially entertaining to watch. She loves to eat grape halves, Craisins, whole sweet potatoes, cookies, toast, melons, apples, pears and plums. She will try just about any food you give to her, though she isn’t crazy about bananas. Greta LOVES keys, and remote controls. She gets excited when she sees them laying around and grunts/squeals until you get it for her. She also loves books and mom, of course.



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