It is hard to believe that already one year has passed since we came to NY. It has gone by so quickly. It is already time for the Hill Cumorah Pageant again.  We went last year and camped nearby.  I remember it clearly. Hot, uncomfortable, and bugs.  I am not a fan of camping!  (Side note:  I just read/learned about Glamping!! )  Ever since camping last year, Bryce has had some lingering questions.  You see, while hanging out at the campsite, he watched some shows on the DVD player that he borrowed from the library at my recommendation.  He watched for hours. He watched, then he asked questions. Mostly it was, “What?!? That was the WORST show EVER!”  He still doesn’t get what was going on or who Dr. Who is, or his purpose, etc. So now I find it funny.  I try to reference the Dr. whenever I can. It always elicits the same response.  (see above).  

Speaking of confusing shows, we recently watched a movie called Fluke. The boys figured out in the first few minutes that the show, about dogs, was really about a man reincarnated into a dog, who was having flashbacks about his man-life, and his mysterious death. It was very strange. By the end of it, the mystery had been unraveled. It was actually no mystery at all, just blanks in the flashback memory. During the credits, the boys proposed that perhaps Trousers is Grandpa George. Andy thought that it was disrespectful, but the boys both tried to treat Trousers with extra care just in case. 555.  Love ya, Gramps!  

Keeping on the continuum in my mind…Shelly….What happened to the teddy fell into the potty book?? 

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One Response to DrWho?

  1. Anonymous says:

    ahahahaha grandpa george. btw he bestowed that teddy in the potty book to me before his reincarnation as trousers, so I’m the one who has it!

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