You got Powned!

School is out, so I’ve been exposed to the lingo of d’ jour.  I’m not sure where the boys come up with these sayings. Hopefully by the end of summer I can have them speaking like educated humans again.

First, Bryce introduced me to the word “Powned.” Sounds like owned, but with a “P.” Same meaning as in, “You got owned.” Not really sure why there needs to be a “p.” I find it totally ridiculous, so I’ve been trying to over-use it so it is no longer cool. They claim that the popularity and etymology of this word extends beyond the walls of our home. I’ve never heard it, not even from their visiting friends. I’m skeptical. A close second is the synonym “Beasted.” I heard them use it while playing video games. Ridiculousness.

Last Sunday Gus came home to report of his experience in Primary class. He routinely complains that his teachers make him button the top button of his shirt, straighten his tie, AND tuck in his shirt. But last week, they also gave out cookies. His description of the cookies took about two minutes to materialize amid gestures and wonted eyes: “Almond-butter-honey…like Heaven.” 

Gus also went through a phase where everything he described was ‘epic’ though he didn’t really know what that word meant. After explaining it to him, it was hard for him to stop using it in situations that were clearly not epic, such as the sudden arrival of a neighbor, or the dropping of some object. I’m glad that’s over. Unfortunately, he’s moved on to “That was Majestic!” I have not yet addressed the meaning of this phrase. Where does he learn this stuff?


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One Response to You got Powned!

  1. angleoflove says:

    I was just informed that I have misspelled “Powned.” The correct spelling is poned. Whatever.

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