Summer begins, a Year ends

We’ve been up to a lot of things lately, and I haven’t been very good at keeping up the blog since Andy’s been back. For some reason I become more unorganized and lose structure and discipline to my days when he’s around. He’s just so distracting??

A few tidbits of our last few months: (I will add photos post-publishing, so be sure to check back for them)

Bryce earned his Arrow of Light at the end of May, the highest award in Cub Scouts. I made him work for it before I would allow him to move on to Boy Scouts. He did a great job.


Both boys finished out the school year. Gus did better on his report card than Bryce, for the first time ever. Don’t tell them, though. I didn’t point it out to them, or they would be arguing about it still. I’m glad the year is over, especially for Bryce. I was unimpressed with his teacher this year. She moved a week before the year was finished, but I felt she was mentally checked out months earlier. Actually I don’t feel like she was ever really in the game. Poor Bryce has had alternating years of really good teachers, then really poor teachers. I think it makes him sloppy and lazy. I hope next year it will change as he will move classes. Gus has had great teachers, with the exception of 1st Grade. He will beg to differ, but I did not care for his 1st Grade teacher. I think she squashed the life out of her class.

Gus went to Cub Scout camp. He complained less as the days went on, but was very unhappy about having to go. He is a stinker when it comes to group gatherings, (ie camps, activities, team sports, parks, etc). He would rather go by himself to the playground. He hates when we run into friends when we are out and about. He hates playing on sports teams. I think he is a grumpy, old man stuck in a kid’s body. He is like my grandpa George. Party Pooper!

For example: We went to an even called Riverfest. The base offered discounted tickets for us to take a boat tour of the St. Lawrence River and tour Boldt Castle. It was very nice, and a great deal. We happened upon some friends there. Gus was sooo annoyed that we HAD to stop and talk to them, as if he had some place else to be at that time. Riverfest also marks one year since we arrived in New York. It has gone by quickly. We are really enjoying being here. At least I am. There are things I miss about each place we move, (Sunshine in Colorado, boys in Kansas, Martina and a million other things in Germany, RS in Missouri, friends in Germany, did I mention Germany??) BUT we try to make the best of every place we live. I really like the climate here. It reminds me of….Germany. (Green, cloudy) But the added bonus here is the St. Lawrence River. There is a special kind of culture associated with living near large, cold water. I love the water. Plus, Canada is only 30 miles away. That can only be a plus, right??


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