Firsts and the Fourth

We have enjoyed some new experiences. Trousers (aka Boba Fett) went for his first ride in the back of the truck. He did pretty well. He needs to work on jumping up by himself. He’s almost 1 year old!! Yikes!


We took him out to the forested training area while we were scouting out blueberries. It’s almost time to go back and see if we can pick any.

Our family finally stopped and enjoyed the ice cream shop we drive past to go to the church. It is called J &B’s. It is really good. Greta found out she really likes ice cream.






Greta took her first ride on a swing at the park. She enjoyed it.


FYI-Greta has a faux-hawk. You may not be able to see it in most pictures, but it is there, and it is real. It is also starting to flatten out since her hair is getting longer. We are trying to preserve it as best as we can. It’s her signature look and she must keep up appearances.


Our ward had an activity on the 4th of July. It was very nice. Andy joined in the pie eating contest. See his covetous look of dismay as his friend bested everyone by shoveling pie into his mouth like an animal?


A few months ago I challenged each one of us to make a “I’m a Mormon” video. So far I’ve only got two entries. Since I cannot post videos here, please go to my shutterfly photo site and scroll down to see the videos. Not to be missed.

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