Boba Fett

I know I’ve talked about this before, but here we go again. Nicknames. They are a big thing in my family.  Take my sister, Shelly. Not even close to her name. Gadget??  Seriously.  Pak Pao? Might as well call her Tic Tac. It’s just as close, and easier to spell.  So whom is the next victim to get a misnomer?  The dog AND the baby, of course.  Here is the evolution, so far.  

Trousers->> T. Bones-> ces Bone-Bone-> Sebolba-> Boba-> Boba Fett….

Greta has it a little easier? We call her all sorts of things. I used to routinely call her Kitty, because I thought she looked like a kitty when you squished her little face. Then I called her Mae-Mae for a while. Sometimes My-grets, Margareta, Grets, Gretchen, Mädchen, Babe, Baby.  Andy started calling her Gretzky. Now I call her Gretzka, or Gretzkaya. Maybe something new will come to me tomorrow. One thing is for sure. Nicknames are great because it’s easier to just call someone whatever comes to mind rather than have to figure out what the person’s real name is. Any parent will agree. Instead of “going down the list” of offspring, just yelling out a nickname is much more efficient, though potentially less effective. It is also useful in social and professional circles. Andy used to have a boss who called everyone “Buddy.” At first we thought it was because he was a really nice guy. Later we realized that he was indeed a genius for never having to remember anyone’s name, but still making them feel like he was their best buddy. 

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