One of these things is not like the other….

Trousers: 4.5. Shoes: 0.5

Over the past few weeks I have become complacent. I have lost my vigilance and therefore, I have lost my shoes. This picture is a pair only half mauled, still wearable. Good bye my beloved Chuck Taylor’s. Arrivederci my asymmetrical sandals made in the mountains of Italy. So long neighbor boy’s Nike and Bryce’s Croc flop. When will the madness end? Who knew owning Trousers would prove so costly to footwear?

Oh…and just a note. Maybe I’ve said it before, but if you get alerted to new blot posts, be sure to refresh the page once you get to the site. I oftentimes publish a work in progress and newer and edited versions will not always appear if you just click a link. This is especially important as I usually add photos after publishing text. 🙂 Yes, it’s unprofessional and lazy. We all can’t be put together all the time.

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