20130519-214429.jpgThe boys had their spring concert this week. Leading up to the concert, Bryce had a loose tooth that he would try to pull out every day during music class so he could get out of singing. He tried to tell me the concert was cancelled, too. From where Greta and I were sitting, we had a clear view of the orange mowhawk boy scratching his behind, and a distant view of the performers. It was a nice program, but everyone is glad it is over.


We finally took Greta to the doctor for her 6 month check up. 15lbs 4 oz, but 26 inches long. She is cute and happy, as long as mom is holding her and strangers don’t get too close. I’ve started to give her table scraps (like the dog, ha ha). She loves to eat bread! Today we gave her saltine crackers. She loved them, too. I think she is starting to teethe, or is just not feeling well. She has been very selective of what she will put in her mouth (no baby cereal), and wants to be with me constantly. The only time she is content to be on her own is when she is sitting in the bath. All other moments for the past few days she has had to be on my hip. Good thing she isn’t that big yet.

On Friday night we went to the drive-in. It was not as busy as we anticipated, so we were there way too early and had to wait a looong time. The drive-in is nice because we could take our own blankets, dress in PJs, bring our own snacks and our baby. We could have and should have brought the dog, too, but we didn’t. Maybe next time. We saw Ironman 3. It was pretty good. I think I’ve seen that Mandarin guy on the streets of Boulder before.20130519-214504.jpgWhile waiting for the movie to start we had an interesting conversation:

Gus: If you could shape-shift, what would you be?

(**Back in my day, we would just say, “If you could BE anything…” I don’t know when this “shape-shifting” nomenclature came along.)

Bryce: I would be a flying beaver.

Gus: Nyan Cat (an 8-bit video game flying cat) or a unicorn.

Mom: Umm….A bouncy ball.

Bryce: What!?! Laugh, laugh, laugh! Why?

Now, I ask, “What is so absurd with wanting to be a bouncy ball? Do you think a flying beaver is any less strange? Unicorn? Whatever! Just because I choose to be some man-created invention instead of a mystical flying creature, does this make my ‘shape-shifting’ desire any less valid? Noooo way. Both boys will not let me live this down. Silly them.

I knew this would happen:


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