Happy Mother’s Day

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend with flowers sent from Andy and breakfast this morning courtesy of Bryce. (Crepes!) I hope you all had a wonderful day, too. I’m grateful to have the chance to be a mother, and to have wonderful kids.


Greta is officially 6 months old now. I have been trying to go on the bare minimum this time around, but I did break down and purchase a high chair off of craigslist. We had a little seat hooked up to the table, but she would push anything we gave her out of her reach. On the high chair, I’m hoping things remain on the tray so she doesn’t get so frustrated and scream so much. She is just so much fun! I’ve skimmed through a couple of books lately about different childrearing methodology. One involves ‘elimination communication’ and another about baby self-feeding/”weaning.” It has inspired me to experiment, and discover things that are instinctual and logical, but uncommon in our society. I also read a book saying that there is no reason why a 6 month old shouldn’t sleep through the night, which got my hopes up…until I was awakened at 1am to the reality of my existence, too tired to try and power through. I cave easily when tired, hungry, or distracted, which is usually about 1am. Greta is on track to rule the world.

The highlight of this week was the purchase of a trampoline for the backyard. I put it together one sunny afternoon. It began raining shortly thereafter, but still Gus just can’t leave it alone! Even Trousers tries to get up on it. The boys have enjoyed it every day since it went up. Today I had to stake it down as it is quite windy and will be for the next few days. It may even snow again.20130512-215811.jpg

Friday evening we had the missionaries over to our house for dinner along with the senior couple missionaries. Today we had the sister missionaries over so they could Skype their families for Mother’s Day. It was nice. We are blessed to have so many missionaries!



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