April Showers

The Pinewood Derby was a mild success. Bryce surprised all of us with a good finish. Poor bracket management left Gus without a chance at victory, not such a good thing for your first derby showing. He was a good sport and held back the tears.20130423-203729.jpg20130423-203717.jpg

Greta continues to keep us busy and entertained. She is really becoming aware of her environment and how to manipulate everyone in it with her shrill shrieks and screams. We are all happy to submit to her will. She’s just so cute! If not for her bulky cloth diapers, she would be rolling all over the place. Though a bit tipsy, she can sit unassisted for a few moments and enjoys seeing the world from a new perspective. Today she tasted her toes for the first time.20130423-203749.jpgThe boys are doing well at school. They have been taking standardized tests for the last week and this week as well. Coincidentally, I just read an article about a boy who was taken by the government from his family in Sweden because of his being home-schooled. Standardized testing reminds me of the benefits of homeschooling. State testing reminds me of socialists and government dictated education such as in Sweden. Scary! I was trying to get away from that by sending them to a private, religious school, but apparently failed.

Andy (who may discount any or all of my report on him) seems to be doing well. He stays busy on “skid row” with his multi-national colleagues planning how to take over the country and entertain VIPs. He seems to stay up until an ungodly hour each night, presumably due to long hours at the office. One time he said he planned to regularly sleep in late to balance it all out, but knowing him, I kind of doubt that is happening. He was lucky to have an LDS LTC as a roommate when he first arrived, but now has a stocky LTC who sleeps “loud.” As the month draws to a close, he will be approaching the theoretical mid-point in this trip. A new job awaits him at work when he returns. It will determine how the rest of this year will look. The only catch is no one knows what that job will be yet, or at least, they aren’t saying.

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