Spring Break is coming to an end. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Some people LOVE having their kids home and around. I think I do. I try to. I guess I am just not a good people person. It wears me out! Maybe because I spend too much time thinking, and less time engaging with them, it makes it more difficult. I do enjoy the sleeping in part of spring break. Our school-day mornings are hard and strung out over many hours. It was nice to have a break from that. We did do some fun things despite my issues.

We watched some fun movies, at home and at the public library. We went shopping for new shoes for the boys. We went to Syracuse to the mall where they have crazy things to do. The boys had a blast at WonderWorks, kind of an indoor science museum/amusement park on the top floor of the mall. It was crowded, and loud with lots of flashing lights and noise. The boys liked it, but I thought it was a little over-stimulating for Greta and me. Ironically there is a game where the person with the calmest mind wins.20130405-224552.jpgGus said it was impossible. (With his mind, it is true.)

20130405-224301.jpg we went to the zoo and had a good time. It was much more my kind of activity…open space, fresh air, no music or lights flashing. Today the boys hung out with their friends and played computer games, namely mind-crap (aka Minecraft), which I believe is the root of contention in our house, hence the crappy name.

Gus has slept downstairs with the dog each night this week. He has been reading stories to the dog before bed. I recognize that he loves the dog and the increased attachment could be a coping mechanism, so I allow it to some degree. He is always pitting Greta against the dog…”Who do you like better?/think is cuter?/etc.” and criticizes me when I tell him I prefer Greta, of course. Last night Gus had fallen asleep and I heard the dog wanting to go outside (he rings a bell on the door). Well, Gus didn’t wake up to let him out. I kept listening and finally went down about 10 minutes later to find Gus asleep, the dog lying on Gus and his blanket, with blanket fluff all round the room. He was happily shredding away. Gus is off in dreamland. Trousers is having a good time. I bet he just really had to go. I couldn’t blame him. I let him outside. I cleaned up the loose fluff. I put the dog in his kennel to sleep when he came inside.20130405-224317.jpgIn the morning I told Gus he can’t sleep with the dog anymore. He still hadn’t noticed the HUGE hole in his duvet cover and comforter. I told him why and showed him the hole in his blanket. I washed his blanket. I told him I need to sew it back together. (Didn’t get around to it today) Tonight Gus pouted and cried for 1/2 hour…”Why do you care about a blanket more than a dog?” “Trousers is lonely.” “Why can’t I sleep with him?” At the same time, Bryce is asking “Can we go to bed now? Why do we have to wait for Gus?” and Greta is screaming in her special shrill voice, the same sound made by the midgets in Nacho Libre.

Did I ever mention that the dentist told me I subconsciously grind my teeth? I really love Greta, but having kids, especially a new baby, sometimes makes we want to gouge my eyes out with my fingers. It is nights like these (which are most nights) when I really miss having my better half around to diffuse some of the drama.

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