Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday, Batman! Easter is upon us and I am unprepared!  All I’ve done so far is dig a few easter eggs out of a trunk. They are sitting on the couch, the same place they were two days ago when I got them out. They’ll probably be there tomorrow, too, unless the Easter Bunny comes by.  Not likely.

So what else has been going on? Not too much.

Trousers had been helping us dig a basement. IMG_0579

Greta has started to conform to a schedule of eating, playing and sleeping more regularly, which is nice. It gives me time to supervise the basement project. I also painted her toenails.IMG_0630

Gus earned his Wolf badge in Cub Scouts, finally!!  It has been like pulling teeth with him. He is a party pooper. He doesn’t even want to do the Pine Wood Derby, because it would take up his precious time making his car, or so he says. What can he possible have in his life schedule that is so precious??

We visited the public library for the first time in Watertown, then in Black River. Both are nice. The Watertown library is a diamond in the rough. More impressive then the US Capitol building, if you ask me.

Andy had a very busy two weeks preparing for a trip. The last weekend was especially busy with two weddings, lots of packing and meetings as usual. Then he sat around in airports around the world for a week.  On the plus side, he was able to see my sister (thanks for picking him up!!) and our great friends in Germany, and yet other friends en route to his final destination. The world is really quite small. By the time I mail him all of the things he forgot to pack, he’ll be packing up getting ready to come home. Thus is his life and profession.

The boys are off on spring break now. They had off Good Friday, and will be out of school all next week. We have a few things planned, mostly close to home.  We’ll probably make a stop at the zoo, and head down to Syracuse, do lots of chores, and watch some movies.  I hope we are done with snow shoveling. I am just unmotivated to do it anymore.


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